Everything Has To Start Somewhere

The metrics are in, and it turns out the readership for this blog is the size of an average Thanksgiving dinner.  Big enough that we had to add a leaf to the dining room table, but small enough that we can still hear Uncle Bill picking turkey out of his molars.  

But everything has to start somewhere, and I am so grateful to those of you who have already jumped into this journey with me.  Because I really do want to use this blog as a constant canvas for flowing ideas. 

Me: You say that now, but you'll disappear in frustration next month. 
Other Me:  Why would you say that!?  No he won't! 
Third Me:  Are you two fighting again? 
Fourth Me: I'm hungry for bacon.  

Anyway, I want to give you guys a head start on a little project that I'm going to start posting on Monday.  I'll leave an element of mystery until next week, but here are a few details: 

a) I'll post a different song every week day for the next two weeks. 
b) It's a countdown to something...
c) I didn't write these songs, but I'm sort of reimagining them. 
d) Some will be produced tracks that I made in my home studio, and others will be live performance videos. 

I hope that gets you excited.  Or at least makes you go, "huh".

Now I'd like to reply to some of the comments that have already hit the blog.  When there are questions, I'll do my best to answer as completely as I can. 

Julie says: 

"This is so great! Thanks for writing this blog, I can't wait to hear why 2015 is going to be a fun year for you. Please let us know soon!!"

Thank you, Julie!  I will let you know.  And, forgive me, but I have to tell you that I love your voice work as Marge Simpson.  I think it's an underrated display of genius.  I am assuming you are Julie Kavner. 

Valerie says:

"'I'm going to tend to these pages like an old, toothless heiress tends to her multitude of feral cats.' - My new favourite simile."

How about this one: 
"The full green hills are round and soft as breasts."
First person to google this and list the author wins an afternoon in a library with Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Kayleigh says:

"Now THIS should be interesting. Hoping to see more updates than your other social media platforms cause they kinda suck to be honest. After being a fan for... 11?..12? Something like that. .. years, I'm looking forward to seeing what this brings"

Well, I've been your fan for 13 years, so I have you beat.  And yes, I'm looking forward to seeing what this brings too.  The great thing about this display of my relentless narcissism and deep seated desire for attention is that it's not confined to 140 characters! 

Chrismailtopher Gohr says:

Are you going to do a cast album of What's IT ALL About????? I only aw it like 6 times. Miss the music.

I'll keep you posted.  Cool stuff coming soon.  Signed, Kymaille.

Alright, that's good for now. 
Thanks again for visiting this blog, you guys.  I really appreciate it.  This is something that I've been wanting to do for a long time and I have a feeling it could be a really positive thing for my life right now.  It makes me happy to write for you.

Talk soon,